Friday, June 13, 2008

Write an Ad & Win!!!

Write an Ad & Win!!!
So if you haven't heard it by now, we'll tell you...we've been advertising on CD101 for the past several months with an ad Jamie wrote. We'd like to update the ad and thought 'Hey, let's make a contest out of it'. So here we are... your mission, submit a commerical to us by June 30th and the winner gets to go to CD101 and watch it being produced or if you want to do the voice over work you can do that as well and have it played on CD101.
Simply, write a sixty second ad for Packrat where our name must be mentioned at least 8 times.
Submit either a script or audio copy to us along with your choice of radio personality and background music by June 30.
We pick the winner by July 1 and you go to CD101 to get your ad produced.
Feel free to ask us if you have any questions via the myspace or email to
Thanks for playing.

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