Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Sizzler Summer Sizzler Sale

After buying collections all year, join us June 28 for our first look
through these amazing collections. All back issues are only $1.00 each!

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Packrat Comics said...

Due to the many requests received today we will continue the sale until next Thursday. So all comics under $10 are only $1.00, Over $10 are half off, in addition all Silver Age comics are 50% off as well.

Books purchased for $1.00 today:
Amazing Spiderman #22
Amazing Spiderman #124
Amazing Spiderman #130
Amazing Spiderman #133
Batman #106
Batman #115
Showcase Presents #67
Superman #109
Superman #106
Action Comics #276
Action Comics #290
Green Lantern #14
Green Lantern #57
Various autographed comics, variant covers and other cool stuff!!
So stop by this week and check out these amazing comics and find some treasure for your collection!!!