Sunday, April 18, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Schedule

FCBD is only a few days away. Below is the schedule for the day! See you May 1!

10:00AM - OPEN - Get your Free Comics face painted & jump around in the bouncy castle. Visit our artist alley section to meet the following great creators: Darryl Banks, Chris Sprouse, Josh Medors (in at 11am), Uko Smith, Dan Davis, Victor Dandridge, Mike Watson, Sean Forney, JD Larabee, Molly Durst, Joel Jackson, Stratos, Scott DM Simmons, Eric Adams, and Joshua Peters!

10:30AM - Join us for some free play Mario Brothers video games in the Annex! Fun for all!

10:30AM-11:30AM - Meet & Greet brunch with Nicholas Brendon. Limited to 20 participants and tickets can be purchased from either this blog or our facebook page via paypal. Tickets are $80 ea. (direction will be emailed to ticket holders)

11:00AM - Meet the Stormtroopers from Darth Vaders 501st

11:00-2:00PM - Gaming Demos - get a free War Machine Heroclix by visiting the annex and giving an RPG a try. Learn to play Magic the Gathering, Heroclix or D&D!

12:00-5:00PM - Nicholas Brendon Autograph Session (Time permitting we will host a pannel session with Nicholas from 4:30-5pm)

1:00PM - Costume Contest - Kids & Adults

2:00-4:00PM - Live Ammeture Wrestling!

5:00 Nerd Night Kick Off

5:00- Video Game Play/Tournament (depending on turnout)

5:00PM - First round of our Charity Comic Book Poker Tournament (Texas Hold'Em) - buy in is $25, that gets you 25 comic from the annex to use as poker chips and to keep what you win. Have your books ready for the first hand at 5pm, as Nicholas Brendon will be an honorary player.

6:00 - Magic the Gathering Booster Draft Tournmant

5:00-10pPM- Free Concert - Comic Book Trivia between bands!
5:00- The Out
6:00 - Huge Euge
7:00 - Nerd Table
8:00 - Seven Book Trilogy
9:00 - Moto Virus

7:00PM - Second round of Charity Comic Book Poker Tournament (Texas Hold'Em) - buy in is $25, that gets you 25 comics from the annex to use as chips, you keep what you win!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

FCBD Update

Taking a breather from his work on The Return of Bruce Wayne, Chris Sprouse makes his inaugural visit to Packrat Comics on Free Comic Book Day. In addition, a live wrestling event added for Free Comic Book Day. From 2-4 enjoy some head smashing, bone crushing, smack down fun ending with a complete Battle Royal!

Packrat Comics
3864 Lattimer Street
Hilliard, Ohio 43026