Saturday, April 26, 2008

Free Comic Book Day


The first Saturday in May represents a holiday for comic fans across the world know as Free Comic Book Day, where participating comic store retailers distribute free comics to anyone with no strings attached. A day where anyone can read about and dream of becoming superheroes, introducing millions to the unique art form and storytelling method that has delighted and inspired millions more.

This year however, Free Comic Book Day has a new meaning in the eyes of the local comic stores in Columbus, as they will all be honoring a very special local hero. On April 10, 2008 Diane Sharp, a crossing guard at Scioto Darby Elementary school in Hilliard, was killed saving the life of Christian Engle, a second grader. Sharp was very heroic and tried to protect the child with her own body and in the end, sacrificed her life to save another.

Jamie Colegrove, owner of Packrat Comics located near Scioto Darby Creek Elementary, said “It truly was amazing how quickly Diane reacted to protect Christian we wanted to honor her sacrifice and heroism.” Colegrove continued “Free Comic Book Day seemed like an excellent opportunity to acknowledge her as our own superhero.”

All comic retailers in the community whole heartedly agreed. Each of the participating stores in Columbus will be accepting donations on behalf of the Sharp and Engle families for both the Key Bank and Fifth Third Funds recently established. In addition, many of the stores will be contributing and offering other opportunities for all patrons to enjoy.

So on Saturday, May 3rd, stop by your local comic shop, get a free comic and support this true superhero and those she left behind.

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